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Ben Chadwick


Artist Bio:

J. Ben Chadwick, a graduate of Weber State University, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015. Utilizing multiple photographic methods, including digital, darkroom, and image appropriation, J. Ben Chadwick produces work that explores the relationships between the individual and the community. His projects incorporate data research gathered from wide ranges of texts and reflect the impact the individual has on the community. Videos, silver gelatin, wet plate collodion, and digital prints have been projected guerrilla style on the streets of Ogden Utah, showcased in curated shows including the Days Inn Hotel rooms, OMOCA, and at Weber State University galleries in project and student exhibitions.

Artist Statement:

Interested in photography as an art medium, much of my work as of late has been researching man’s relationship with the community and the natural world, an observation of the choices we make and how it impacts our surroundings. This relationship with our environment interests me. Included in this examination is a look at the environment we create for ourselves.

Photography for me can be a way of understanding these bonds with the world, the more I see the more I learn. I do all this to show the reality concerning our environment, both natural and man-made. I choose to share these experiences and perspectives to offer a unique narrative, a visual discussion through the smallest of details in relationship to a bigger vision, which can often be restricted.

I utilize multiple methods, including digital and darkroom techniques, to show deep within each image these relationships and impact. Accepting all flaws of the process, I personally hand develop, hand print, or scan and have printed, the negatives on a heavy weighted cold press matte paper. I do this as a way to emphasize the restricted view we choose to have of the world around us. The aim I have for my work is to bring a sense of awareness to its viewers of the things they may encounter in an enlightening way.



Instagram: @j.ben.chadwick



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