Bronwen Fullington

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February Artist

Bronwen Fullington

Medium: Fiber/ Mixed Media

Artist Bio:

Bronwen was taught needlework skills in childhood by her mother.  In 1982, she learned to handspin yarn and work with dyes; shortly thereafter, the creation of textiles became her full-time vocation.  From 1985 to 1995, she designed and produced a line of knitwear and accessories that sold nationally in craft galleries and boutiques. She gave up production work in 1995, but has continued to show and market her work, primarily through Sign of the Dove Artists’ Cooperative in Cambridge, MA, where she is a long-standing member.  

In recent years, though she continues to make wearable art, a focus on handspinning and dyeing has returned in her work.  She is now creating fiber art pieces that combine natural materials and found objects with knitted and felted elements.

Artist Statement:

As a knitter and spinner dyer of yarn, I practice craft and art with roots in ancient and traditional cultures around the world.  Most of these techniques and materials are identified as “women’s work”, overlooked and undervalued.

I have been devoted to the creation, collection and study of textiles, working with plant and animal fibers for most of my adult life.  

I have been deeply influenced by the textile traditions of Mexico and Central America, as well as those of Central and South Asia.

Another important influence on my way of seeing the world is the art of Henri Matisse, himself a lover and collector of textiles.

Through my work, I feel a deep connection with women and the product of their hands, across time and cultures.  I hope I can contribute to keeping production and appreciation for hand-made textiles alive.


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