Jeanne George

Meet the Artist October Artist   Jeanne George media: watercolor   Artist Bio: Jeanne captures her love of nature and science in

Jeanne George2019-10-08T22:17:07-04:00

Henryk Fantazos

Meet the Artist October Artist   Henryk Fantazos media: copper engravings   Artist Bio: I was born in what was then Eastern

Henryk Fantazos2019-10-08T22:17:32-04:00

Don Stephenson

Meet the Artist August Artist   Don Stephenson media: watercolor   Artist Bio: A native of Johnston County, North Carolina, Don grew

Don Stephenson2019-07-31T19:57:53-04:00

Lee Mims

Meet the Artist August Artist   Lee Mims media: oil   Artist Bio: I was raised on a farm in Raleigh, North

Lee Mims2019-07-31T19:42:11-04:00

Flora Pinkham

Meet the Artist July Artist   Flora Pinkham media: oil and watercolor   Artist Bio: Flora Pinkham began working in oils at

Flora Pinkham2019-07-08T17:53:28-04:00

J. Ben Chadwick

Meet the Artist June Artist   J. Ben Chadwick, Then & Now media: photography   Artist Bio: Artist J. Ben Chadwick display

J. Ben Chadwick2019-05-20T17:18:52-04:00

Edward Baxter

Meet the Artist June Artist   Edward Baxter media: oil   Artist Bio: Raleigh native Edward L. Baxter has produced oil paintings

Edward Baxter2019-05-20T17:01:55-04:00

Amy Devereaux

Meet the Artist March Artist   Amy Elizabeth Devereaux media: acrylic, collage, mixed media       Artist’s Statement: In creating my

Amy Devereaux2019-02-22T15:20:27-04:00

Jackie Balog

Meet the Artist March Artist   Jackie Balog media: colored pencil, watercolor, graphite pencil, watercolor pencil   Artist Bio: I was a

Jackie Balog2019-02-22T15:03:05-04:00

Sherry Storrs

Meet the Artist February Artist   Sherry Storrs medium: photography   Artist Bio: Sherry C. Storrs, born and raised in the Carolinas,

Sherry Storrs2019-01-23T20:37:59-04:00