Jack Singles

Meet the Artist February Artist   Rev. D.M. (Jack) Singles Media: Acrylic Paintings   Artist Bio: "I am self-taught for the most

Jack Singles2020-01-12T18:13:40-05:00

Klaus LaRocca

Meet the Artist February Artist   Klaus LaRocca Media: Photography   Artist Bio: "I was born in 1940 in Bremerhaven, Germany. "After

Klaus LaRocca2020-01-12T18:13:12-05:00

Sabrina Frey

Meet the Artist December Artist   Sabrina Frey Media: Glass Bead Mosaics   Artist Bio: Sabrina Frey, born in 1970, grew up

Sabrina Frey2019-11-19T17:55:47-05:00

Lynda Wright

Meet the Artist December Artist   Lynda Suzanne Wright Media: Photography   Artist Bio: Lynda is an Artist/Photographer, a retired vocal music

Lynda Wright2019-11-19T17:55:14-05:00

Clayton Proud

Clayton Proud November Exhibit   Town of Clayton Photography by TOC Employees In recognition of Clayton's 150th anniversary, this photographic exhibit celebrates

Clayton Proud2019-10-31T11:02:22-04:00

Jeanne George

Meet the Artist October Artist   Jeanne George media: watercolor   Artist Bio: Jeanne captures her love of nature and science in

Jeanne George2019-10-08T22:17:07-04:00

Henryk Fantazos

Meet the Artist October Artist   Henryk Fantazos media: copper engravings   Artist Bio: I was born in what was then Eastern

Henryk Fantazos2019-10-08T22:17:32-04:00

Don Stephenson

Meet the Artist August Artist   Don Stephenson media: watercolor   Artist Bio: A native of Johnston County, North Carolina, Don grew

Don Stephenson2019-07-31T19:57:53-04:00

Lee Mims

Meet the Artist August Artist   Lee Mims media: oil   Artist Bio: I was raised on a farm in Raleigh, North

Lee Mims2019-07-31T19:42:11-04:00

Flora Pinkham

Meet the Artist July Artist   Flora Pinkham media: oil and watercolor   Artist Bio: Flora Pinkham began working in oils at

Flora Pinkham2019-07-08T17:53:28-04:00