Meet The Artist

February Artist

Charlene Holmes Hein

medium: photography/digital photography

Artist Bio:

After a long hiatus from the arts, I am returning to the field in my retirement.  Life events and circumstances took me away for more than 30 years.  But the urge has been there, and I am now experimenting in a number of media, including photography.

In my twenties, I was an art teacher for seven years.  During this time, I taught at the elementary and middle school levels.  I was asked to judge numerous art shows in Wayne County, NC and was also asked to be on the Congressional Art Show Selection Committee for North Carolina.  During my high school years, I was honored to be selected to attend the Governor’s School in Winston-Salem for young artists.  I am currently working part-time for the Town of Clayton at the Clayton Center and have enjoyed seeing the art exhibits sponsored by Clayton Visual Arts.

After working for the City of Raleigh for 31 years, I retired in 2014 and have participated in several craft shows, donating 60% of my proceeds from my sales to both the Methodist Home for Children and the Baptist Home for Children (Kennedy Home in Indian Beach, NC).  I have begun experimenting in photography and have done numerous artistic renditions of coastal scenes, including some whimsical “trailer art” scenes.  These photos have been popular with the locals and I have received many requests to create more, which I have shared on Facebook over the last 3-4 years.  The trailer park pictures show the charm, whimsy, and colorful nature of an “old” but constantly evolving niche of coastal Carolina culture where the average man can still have a “little slice of paradise.”

After the urging of family, friends and those who enjoy my pictures, I have decided to submit my application to enter the Clayton Visual Arts Call for Artists.  My resume is not lengthy or impressive, but I’m hoping that this will be one step in returning to my artistic roots.

Artist Statement:

I have enjoyed combining technology and photography to capture, enhance and embellish my coastal Carolina photographs.  All were taken using my smart phone!  I have numerous techniques, computer tools, filters, layers and apps that I combine to edit and enhance my photos.  The steps and layers are often so extensive that I really could not re-create the same photo twice, so therefore, each photo is truly an “original.”  Oftentimes, I create a “dud” but the happy part is that I can just “erase” the errors and start all over again down a different path until I find the perfect fit for each photograph.  

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