CVA Education

Childrens Art Classes At The Hocutt-Ellington Memorial Library

Due to Covid-19 these classes have been suspended.

The January Class – Printmaking starring Johannes Gutenberg creating prints.

The February class – Watercolor starring Vincent Van Gogh-painting water.

The next class will be CLAY!

take a line FOR A WALK

Take a LINE for a walk. Draw a large SHAPE, a square or a rectangle on a piece of paper. The SPACE INSIDE THIS SHAPE will be where you take a LINE for a walk.
There are RULES. You cannot TOUCH or CROSS a line. And once you begin with a dot,( which begins a LINE) you must keep it going until you fill up as much SPACE as you can without stopping, touching or crossing. I have started one in the square above… may start your LINE anywhere you want to begin. Try to fill up the space with a continuous line. It should begin to look like a MAZE. ENJOY!  jmg

Links for Art Education – North Carolina Museum of Art – Metropolitan Museum of Art – check out metmuseum for kids and families – National Gallery of Art – check out the NGA Kids Art Zone app for Ipad – Mint Museum, Charlotte NC – check out Artcyclopedia – Learn How to Draw with Mark Kistler – Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain – Betty Edwards – National Art Education Association – Google Arts and Culture

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