Meet the Artist

July Artist

  Flora Pinkham

 media: oil and watercolor


Artist Bio:

Flora Pinkham began working in oils at the age of twelve after a trip to Europe where she was inspired by some of the world’s greatest works of art. She continued her education in traditional methods of painting emphasizing representation and a mastery of drawing throughout high school and college, earning a Bachelors’ Degree in Fine Art. During her college years in Pennsylvania, she grew to love the same rolling pastoral country and big, dramatic skies that inspired past American masters of the landscape. Continuing in their tradition of painting from life, she took to the outdoors to capture the Pennsylvania countryside. Now a resident of North Carolina, Flora Pinkham has gained appreciation for a variety of subject matter, from contemplative still lifes to cluttered cityscapes in addition to grand sweeping views. She travels the East Coast and beyond seeking new sources of inspiration. Regardless of her location, she is intent on finding the subtleties of light and subject matter which make for a great painting. Flora is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions with paintings exhibited in collections across the country.




Artist’s Statement:

“I am a representational painter because I have always enjoyed searching for the out-of-the-ordinary within the familiar. I paint on location because all of my senses are engaged and I find that I am focused, even in the most noisy, hot, bug-infested locations. The discipline of painting spurs me to reach for excellence and the illusive quality that separates good paintings from great ones. When I get back to the studio, it is this quality that drives me to learn and to assess my work and continue striving towards improvement. There is no moment of arriving in painting, only the growing understanding of how much farther I have to go. Still it is this growth, along with nature’s inspiration, that keeps me at my easel.”                  –Flora Pinkham

Website: www.pinkhamfineart