Heidi-Lee Peach

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March Artist

Heidi-Lee Peach

Medium: acrylic, watercolor, mixed-media

Artist Bio:

Heidi-Lee Peach’s artistic journey first began when she watched her father working diligently with his oil paints. She was instantly inspired by his tireless and diligent work, and at the young age of 7 she began her life as an artist. She earned her BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in 1984.  

However, life forced her to put her art on the backburner, albeit temporarily. Working her 15 year career as a commercial interior designer, battling Stage 3 Breast Cancer, and balancing the raising of their young family, had its challenges. By the end of that battle, she was reborn as a different person–and as a different blossoming artist. She now sees colors in everything in life. Her brush with death has challenged her as an artist to see things with a new perspective and to challenge color schemes and techniques that other artists may consider to be “playing it safe.”

Since that ahah moment, with the love and support of her children and husband, she asks you now to view her art as it is–a selfless expression of the beauty of what is all around you. Since her debut as an artist she has been commissioned to do several works and has exhibits throughout public spaces in Clayton and Smithfield. She has taken many awards and will continue to strive for more. As an artist, she feels it is her job to challenge the status-quo–all the while celebrating what truly what makes us human.”

Artist Statement:

I feel, as an artist, it is my job to celebrate the very thing that defines us as individuals, as well as to challenge each and every person that comes across my work to reach a new level of understanding of the mundane and simple. I feel that bringing a unique light and pizazz to objects that would not typically be given a second look is the best way to bring out the beauty in our very human nature.


Contact Heidi-Lee Peachartbyheidilee.peach@gmail.com

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