Jennifer Kehrer

Meet The Artist

July Artist

Jennifer Kehrer

Medium: Acrylic and Oil

Artist Bio:

This is my first gallery show and I am happy to say I did it before turning 40 this year. A lifetime of art expression seems to be my theme, but I have given it all away over the years and never really thought myself or my craft to be mature enough to show in such a public fashion. Raised in a Navy family, I traveled from here to there, and this no doubt has had an influence on the images I choose to paint and the artwork I create. For I make art using all kinds of mediums, recycled materials and substrates, and have a really big collection of finished and unfinished work at home. I am a wife and mother, work a 9-5, believe in community activism, the environment, kindness, and have a “judgement free zone” sign at the front door. Our family is new to Clayton but have made a home here and looking forward to making more memories.

Artist Statement:

Color, texture, movement, vivid strokes, and layers. These are the elements of my work. The imagery depicted comes from my head but influenced by life. Nature inspires me, plant, animal, human, and I use pallet knives & brushes to express multiple layers of texture and depth. Some say the style is realistic impressionism and a flare for Van Gogh. This collection of oil and acrylic paintings are framed by my father in old North Carolina barn-wood. The notches and raw textures of the wood compliment the attractive, strong colors of the paintings. To see my work hanging in a gallery is an honor and even more so if others like it too. Thank you for supporting local artists.

Instagram: @jenkehrer_artist



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