Meet The Artist

August Artist

Lisa Chace

Medium: Oils

Artist Bio:

Lisa Chace is a visual artist living and working in the Cleveland School, Clayton area. She and her family moved to North Carolina in August of 1994 from Torrance, in Southern California. While primarily self-taught or “God taught” as she likes to phrase it, Lisa has been an avid student of fine art, studying the masters from an early age; “From earliest memory, I identified myself as an artist. While my friends played sports, music, etc. I drew and painted. One day, while in middle school, my father gave me a volume of Albrecht Durer’s Complete Woodcuts as a gift. Little did my father realize that this book would spark a passion for study and creativity that would last throughout my lifetime. My studies expanded from Durer to countless great artists, from Pre-Renaissance to the present. My love for fine art led me to study Art History, Life Drawing, and Painting at El Camino College. But it was those early formative years of private study that gave me the foundation I have today. Taking the example of many of those I studied, I have become proficient in several genres; realistic portraiture, figure study, landscape and abstract using pencil, charcoal, pastel, colored pencil, watercolor, acrylics and oil. I’ve heard it said that such versatility is rare in an artist, yet for me it was a natural and supernatural progression, from years of creating. By that I mean, through years of deliberate study, I have attained to my present level of expertise, yet my abilities have been given to me supernaturally by God. And because of that, I thank God every day that I get to paint and glorify Him in the process.”

Artist Statement:

Painting for me is more than a passion. It is a way of life. My Savior said in the parable of the wise steward, “For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required.” In response, every day for me is a pursuit of excellence to become the best artist He has gifted me to be.

I have become proficient in a wide range of genres in portraiture, figure painting, landscape, and abstraction using a variety of media; pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, pastel, watercolor, acrylics and oil. However I choose to devote myself to mainly what I do best; portraiture, figure painting and landscape using oils, where I am able to achieve the highest level of control. In the days ahead, I hope to take my skills even further in portraiture and figure painting.

But as a counter balance to the more academic challenges of portraiture and figure painting, I like to paint more freely from nature using oils or acrylics or watercolor. I love to capture the rhythm and complexity of God’s creation using methods that don’t bog me down with excessive detail, all the while trying to remain true to my representational roots. I also enjoy abstracting subjects from nature using vivid color and bold brush strokes.

My artwork hangs in homes and businesses in California, Texas, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. I can be commissioned for any of the above genres.


Phone: (919) 300-6966


Facebook: Lisa Chace Original Art