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July Artist

Maggie Clark

Medium: Acrylics & Book Author/Illustrator

Artist Bio:

Maggie Clark, humorist, artist, and scratch golfer (okay, not really even a golfer), has lived in New York, Wisconsin, Missouri, Virginia, South Carolina, and several towns in her beloved North Carolina. She was raised in Kenansville, NC, and graduated from Meredith College.

Raising two children with her husband, Maggie found time to write short stories and poems. When writing for a local newspaper in Wisconsin (not unlike the paper once run by her parents back home), her quirky alter-ego, Hugh Mouse, was born. She began illustrating her stories (and her blog, with caricatures of the sassy little mouse critter!

She has a never-ending supply of grist for her story mill because … and this is true … life happens to Maggie!

Artist Statement:

People ask me why I write stories and blogs and poems, and all I can say is that I write because, well, I have never known how not to write. I have feelings about life that jump right out of me at the craziest times, like when I see a weird looking lizard!

Silly stories can throw a kinder light on this “big bad scary world.” Discovering humor in unexpected places turns our perspective around briefly, and that switcheroo kicks some stress out the door on its derriere – right where it belongs!

I hope my stories will drop a little ray of sunshine on you today!

Book: Taking Life Not Too Seriously, about a lady, a quirky mouse named Hugh, and a life a half bubble off center, just like the rest of us; with illustrations of Hugh Mouse.

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