Meet The Artist

April Exhibit

Paint the Town Winners

Medium: Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor

All prior winners of CVA’s Paint the Town competition are on display.

View the original paintings by local artists who have won this competition. All are unique interpretations of iconic scenes found only in Clayton, NC.

Clayton’s Paint the Town competition is synonymous with the birth of Clayton Visual Arts. Originally named Clayton Art Faire, a small group of artists and community activists organized this competition in the fall of 1999. Thus marked the beginning of CVA! The competition’s name changed to the Clayton Poster Contest, as signed prints of the winning paintings were made. Many copies have been sold and can be seen hanging in local business offices. In 2015 CVA changed the name to Paint the Town in order to better communicate the purpose of small town pride celebrated in this event.

Since 2007, Paint the Town has been held on odd-numbered years. In 2016, CVA decided to begin a photography contest, Capture the Town, in order to display all the amazing photographers local to Clayton. On display is Kyle Wilson’s winning photo of the C.E. Barnes Store, Pride. The deadline for the 2018 Capture the Town competition is April 24th. First Place: $700, 2nd Place: $150, 3rd Place: $100, Honorable Mention: $50. Learn more and register here.

Anyone interested in purchasing prints or notecards of Paint the Town winning paintings may contact Amy Beshgetoorian at Proceeds from sales help fund events and opportunities for Clayton’s visual art community.

Prints: $10 each

Prints with 16×20 mat: $20 each

Notecards: $20 for all ten images

Past Paint the Town Winners

Clayton Water Tower by Kizlena Ray, 1999
The Town Shoppe by Jo Johnston, 2000
Robertson Mule Barn by Kizlena Ray, 2001
Lee’s Corner by Jo Johnston, 2002
Woman’s Club by Doug Strickland, 2007
Gateway to Clayton by Dan Lee, 2009
Flipside Restaurant by Janie Prete, 2011
Thank Clayton, Thank Greenway by Don W. Stephenson, 2013
Fiddler Friends by Amy Beshgetoorian, 2015
Time Well Spent by Krissy Crittenden, 2017