Meet The Artist

March Artist

Susan Soper

Medium: Lithography/ Printmaking

Artist Bio:

My Lithography journey began in a very unlikely place…….  

After graduating from the State University College at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY with a BS degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Art Therapy, we moved to Wyoming, where we stayed for the next twenty years. In 1988 a visiting Printmaker, George Arntz, convinced me to turn my paintings into lithographs. One semester with George and I was hooked on stone lithography. The interesting part of the story is, that we were living in the middle of Wyoming in a small rural town of about 10,000. The community college was equipped with the best presses and stones . George left and I decided to hone my skills. Eventually I began to teach the stone lithography class. After working for five years, I was accepted into the The Tamarind Institute of Lithography’s Summer Workshop in New Mexico. This was a turning point. I gathered new skills and solved many of my printing problems. Soon I traveled to South Dakota to attend Frogman’s Print and Paper Workshops at the University of South Dakota. Here I studied various printmaking techniques with master printers for six summers. I met Ross Zirkle, who taught me waterless lithography. Waterless gave me a portable printing medium and gave me a way to later teach lithography again. In 2003, we moved to North Carolina. Soon I was adding to my skills at Penland School of Crafts by studying letterpress and updating my stone lithography skills. It has been an interesting and unexpected printmaking journey. I’ve learned from many of the best printmakers. I call myself a hybrid. I use what I can from several schools of thought and make it my own.

Artist Statement:

Soper’s exhibition is a collection of original stone and waterless lithographs. These lithographs represent a variety of work she completed after moving from Wyoming to North Carolina. She engages the viewer in physical and emotional circumstances we encounter as family members. Her lithographs depict the faces of people seen from intimate distances and familiar angles. She seeks to represent the complex array of emotional moments we have in relation to our family such as security, protection, concern, nostalgia and uncertainty. Her hope is that the viewer will visit these images and create their own stories.


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